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Roller Coaster Simulators

This is some of my stuff I moved from Roller Coaster World.

This page might take a while to load if your on a slow connection.

Here are some roller coaster simulators I Have found that you can play on you computer.

!New! Not on my Roller Coaster World site!!!
No Limits

This is a very cool coaster sim! It is also the most advanced coaster sim I have found! And is is simply the BEST! There are two things I really don't like about it. 1. The editor for this sim is not the best and kind of makes it hard to be precise. 2. There are limitations on the height of the coaster. Other than that its perfect. For more info please visit http://www.nolimitscoaster.de/


Ultra Coaster

The graphics are GREAT!!! and the building of coasters is easy to do but it could be easier. You are free to make any inversion, height, ect... There are some really cool stuff you can do with it to like turn your coaster into a screen saver. Some of that stuff is listed below. I just copied this off their web site which you can visit at http://www.reactorsoftware.com and you can also buy it at their site.


Roller Coaster Factory

Well this game is a Disney's Coaster Clone. Very limited in what you can make. 20 pieces you can choose from. the only good thing about this game is it has good graphics and good sound. There are no known demo's. the building of a coaster is basically the same as disney. I don't know where you can buy this game. This game would be great for kids but if you really want to build the coasters I recommend you buy No Limits above.

by Kevin Grandt

This is a nice program because it lets you make a roller coaster any way you want.
Unlike Disney's Coaster you can make any type of inversion that your mind can think of.
There is a downside to it though, the program is not very user friendly. I find it hard to
master the controls. You'll be spending a lot of time having to start over because it lacks an
undo feature. Maybe if Kevin decides to improve it he will put this feature in and maybe a
better user interface. It is best if you have a very fast computer or the top of the line graphics
card. I have a 333Mhz computer with an 8Mb onboard video card and it runs slow at full
screen. It runs better if I have the screen about the same size that you see in the pic above.
By the way the game uses openGL. So if you don't know what that means, download the
program. If it does not work, you don't have openGL. All in all this is worth downloading if
you have a fast computer.

If you want to download it go to his site by clicking here.

When you get there be sure to look at the manual because you'll have no idea on how to
use the program.You will also want to download his sample tracks too.

Roller Coaster Rumbler

Its not a bad game if you like to ride roller coasters and shoot a gun at the same time.
You can't make your own track :( but its fun to play. I guess the point of the game is
to shoot stuff off the track so you don't die. I have only played it for about a half hour
so I don't know much about it. It does go upside-down as far as I know because I seen
the track start to turn like in a cork screw then I crashed. Just download it and see for
yourself if you like it or not. You will not need a fast computer for this game. I'm
guessing that just about any computer that has MS-DOS or Windows will run this game.
This game will only work on older slower computers!

Download the game here


Disney's Coaster

NOTE! this will only work on slower computers!

Need Disney's Coaster? Download it here

If you want to do more with Disney's Coaster like steeper pieces and banked straight track get this program called D-C Edit This will only run in windows.

I will soon have an online manual for Disney's coaster. - i'm still working on it

Here is a zip file that has every coaster I have got off the net. lotsoftracks.zip
You need Disney's Coaster to view these tracks.


Roller Coaster Tycoon

Get the demo here http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com
This is a very cool game. If you don't have it get it now!

RenderWare roller coaster sim

Windows 95/98

Try this coaster program. rwroller Its really cool. You can only make wooden coasters! :( You will need at least a 100Mz processor for it to run smoothly. Even if you have a 100Mz processor the frame rate will be slow. But smooth enough to view.

You will also need to unzip this file rwlib into your c:/windows/system folder to get the RenderWare roller coaster simulator to work.

Mac version

I don't have a mac so don't email me on how to install it. This is all the info I have.

Copy the 3 files contained in this archive into a RenderWare subfolder of the Extensions folder.

The Power Mac Demo also require the Microsoft Portability Library. If you don't already have this installed then copy the files contained in this archive into the Extensions folder.

Now download this file and unzip or what ever you do with a mac and run the program.

Roller Coaster Screensaver

I only found one coaster screensaver. If you know of any more let me know. I have seen
some that displayed pics of coasters but i don't like to look at pics of coasters for a screen
saver. I want to ride the coaster.

SuperCoast is a screen saver that is pretty cool. You get to ride a coaster in the front seat! Does not have the best graphics (just a few lines) but is very cool! This is shareware. The real version lets you make your own coaster. Download.

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