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Ice Storm 2003

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This is the worst ice storm I have ever been through and I took some pictures with the last bit of juice left in my camera.

The power was out for about 4 days. I had no internet access and very little juice left in my laptop during that time :( It was horrible!

The ice is very thick. Up to an inch or more in some places.

A pine tree in the back of the yard at the beginning of the storm.

And again about the 4th day after the storm.

My antenna tower. Look at the satellite dish! It looks like more than an inch of ice on the top of it!

Some trees across the road.

Some more trees.

The neighbors tree.

Another look.

The top of a tree.

Neighbors tree is weighted down by the ice.

Some more trees

My parakeet on top of his covered cage waiting for the electric to come back on.

A finder bender up the road.

The small forest across the road.

Here is a link to some more great pictures from Shawnee Computer They also have some links to articles about the storm.

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